DAMN I SHOT THE STAR BOY !!! #tbtseries

Hello hello, yes it’s been a while even writing a blog feels like a #TBT experience. Talking of #TBT I have one for you, on July 22nd this year the starboy @wizkidayo at the KICC grounds.

Honestly speaking most people were a bit sceptical about the venue due to  various reasons,when actually the event organisers approached me to be the official resident photographer I was beyond words shocked as this was arguably one of the biggest music stars in Africa currently. But oh well bring it on I said to myself.

The day was here and my oh my the venue was full of kenyans ready to witness history being made in Nairobi despite the rain nothing could hold us back.

The line up was epic with great acts from Nameless, Redsan ,Fena,Hart the band, willypaul DJ Joe mfalme, Dj , Saint, Dj fully focus, Dj seme…at exactly 1:25 AM starboy rocked the stage for what was a strong 2hr show. Here is what I captured.



call me number 1

fan love


the rain couldn’t stop the show



  • Meet Patel

    The pictures above says it all. Tintseh got the best pictures so far for the wizkid event

  • Adeze Matalanga

    Tintseh, I like the way you appreciate movement plus good sense of effects….bravo

  • Jay Vanrey

    Sick shots bro! Raw talent

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