Dear government, I write to ask why cant I take pictures in the streets of Nairobi to showcase the beauty that is?

Why is it ok for  a tourist to take the pictures on the same spot you arrested me from?

Why is it that  a photographer who is out to do good for the society is branded as a security threat even when they follow the rules set in place?

I’m waiting for the day I will walk around the CBD with my camera strapped on me documenting the amazing city that I live in. Sharing the memories and fun things that the “Place Of Cool Waters” offers, from the calm Ngong Hills experience to the busy Muthurwa  side , the busy kenyatta Avenue to the ever green Central park, have I mentioned the ever popping night lifestyle in Westlands??

Oh yea lets tell the story of the hustle in the Chocolate city (Kibera) to the concrete jungle uprising of Upperhill.

Kindly allow me to show you what “we” aim to capture when we get the chance.

Why not share such sunsets


Standard street portraits

whats your message?

the busy TeaRoom area

This are the heights we have to get for that shot.

The hustle in Kibera

Central park early morning

lets reflect on the possibilities

Eastlands bound

uprising upper hill

I’ll try balance here for now

hanging on hope that tomorrow will be better for all photographers.








  • Kenneth Karirú Muchiri


  • Alex Kirimi

    Frame those pictures! I repeat.. Frame those pictures!! Great stuff.

  • Alonzo Alan Adenya

    Nice pictures brathe, good job.

  • Josh Bradshaw Maina

    Inspired 🙌😊

  • Isaac Biosse

    Well said Tintseh I am always scared to take pictures in town cause of fear of City Council Askaris. Great images

  • Andrew Evans Odera

    As they say, Ever Frame is a Painting. Beautiful Photos man.

  • Tosh Ruchiami

    Thats like the best photo blog post i ever went through… Ur a force!

  • John Kihato

    Why? Because as a government we won’t have dangling your feet of a sky scrapper not knowing whether you want to jump or just take a photo. We wont have our tax payers die from such a fall. Where will ourincome come from ifsuch a heinous thing happened to you? Hehehe

  • Samuel Mumo

    This is Deep, a Movement Someone Should Take Up Sometime and Make it Happen… I’m Growin Daily in Whatever I Wanna Become, so is Everyone Else. Soon we Gonna Join Hands for this,
    @Tintseh Amazing Work.

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